Supercrunch your way to superior marketing performance

Our objective is to help you meet yours.
By combining human expertise with sound processes and the latest in data, science and technology, we help businesses answer their toughest challenges and unearth new opportunities. Whether you’re navigating the “data jungle” for the first time, or want to be sure you’ve squeezed every last drop of value from your data assets, our team can help with our data design thinking.


There is no “one size fits all” process at SUPERCRUNCH. We always customize our approach to the client and the challenge.

Whatever route we take, our starting point is usually a Data Design Thinking Workshop. This consultative approach allows us to understand the challenge, identify use cases, and focus on priorities. We guide clients through the data “fog” to reveal a clear business vision. We review what data is available, identify what is missing and which sources, including GfK’s data, might fill those gaps.

Once a clear business use case and objective is established, we jointly select the most relevant next steps.


It feels like a modern gold rush – because that is what data offers businesses when it is maximized. Tremendous opportunities lie hidden, waiting to be uncovered. Think of us as your data miners, unearthing the hidden meaning and value for your business.

Our data scientists can transform your own sources into meaningful insights. And, uniquely, SUPERCRUNCH enjoys privileged access to GfK’s proprietary data sources. This includes some of the largest retailer, consumer, and single source cross-media panels in the world. We have access to detailed sales data for thousands of product categories in more than 100 countries. Information from GfK on consumers media usage, purchase behavior and lifestyles social media trends and topics is also available to our clients. SUPERCRUNCH can complement your own data assets to provide the complete picture of your market and consumers.


The need to explore and exploit multiple data sources requires ever-more sophisticated data integration and marketing analytics techniques, as well as highly-specialized data sciences. With SUPERCRUNCH, you can leverage available internal data intelligently and complement this with GfK reference data. You can rely on our expert data scientists and broad analytical toolbox to convert data into answers to your unique business challenges.

We could impress you by listing all the sophisticated methodologies and approaches that we use, implement, or develop further: deep learning, machine learning, new approaches in the field of Artificial Intelligence, and also all the classical statistical methodologies we apply in our daily business. We could summarize all the research papers that our data science and technology experts have written, and the awards they have received. But ultimately, it is not our published papers or awards that matter – it is the business value that we create as at team at SUPERCRUNCH. You can be confident in the knowledge that we will leverage all our expertise to deliver optimal high-frequency, data-driven tactical marketing decisions.


Today, everyone seems to be experimenting with Big Data – but we do far more than just play! We have leveraged Big Data technology big style, utilizing the Hadoop ecosystem to deliver data-driven products to SUPERCRUNCH clients. Where others talk Terabyte, we live Petabyte. But we are perfectionists, and we are never satisfied with our technology stack. We constantly strive for best of breed solutions to deliver optimal results with minimal time to market. Hadoop, Kafka, Spark, R, Python, Julia, Caffe, Tensorflow, Cassandra or Falcon might sound fresh for new players. It sounds like daily business to us. And by the way: Our graphic cards don’t have “video out”