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Get ready for full service and custom solutions delivered the SUPERCRUNCH way. Enjoy automated, end-to-end solutions using the most relevant data from any source. Benefit from cost-effective analyses for your high-frequency, tactical marketing decisions. Relish fast, flexible and agile delivery of answers to your core marketing questions from an expert team of data scientists and consultants you can trust.

The SUPERCRUNCH difference?
Expert data scientists + industry specialists + sophisticated analytics tools + client data +
GfK data + third party data = superior insights delivered super fast

Supercrunch your way to pricing and promotions fitness

Gain a competitive advantage. Boost your share, sales and margin. Obtain super-quick, reliable and transparent insights on more of your products and promotions – and those of your competitors.

Get pricing and promotions fit the SUPERCRUNCH way. Discover how sales and profit can be powered by effective data driven pricing and promotions. Find out how sensitive customers are to pricing and promotions. Predict whether your pricing is right.

Pricing and promotion optimization

Use cases
  • Understand the relationship between price, sales and market share
  • Simulate the sales outcome of mid- and short-term price changes
  • Predict the impact of promotional activities on sales
Benefits crunched
  • Calculates the impact of pricing and promotion activities
  • Provides deeper insights for more products
  • Considers the full competitive environment
  • Delivers findings via a powerful easy to use interface and API
  • Offers more for lower costs and less effort

Supercrunch your way to pricing and promotions success.

Customer value optimization

Perfect your customer experience management.  Realize profitable lifetime value.

Maximize profit from your customer base. Identify the most effective promotional channels and campaigns. Increase customer spend and satisfaction levels. Use data-driven insights to differentiate your brand and products by the experience you offer. Manage the entire customer experience to increase lifetime value.
Integrate all your data sources to offer the personalization and micro targeting that customers’ value.

Use cases
  • Identify groups of consumers with similar buying behavior and demographics to optimize your marketing communication
  • Understand how and why customers do and don’t discover and purchase your products to optimize touchpoints and maximize budgets
  • Diagnose why customers stop buying your products and predict those customers that are likely to shift to the competition – and address both groups with special offers
  • Use predictive analytics techniques to improve up-selling and cross-selling by always getting your message, target customer, timing and channel right
Benefits crunched
  • Builds a 360° view of your customers by enriching client data with high quality GfK data and third-party sources to enhance targeting and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Creates predictive models for buying behavior, product propensity, lifetime value, revenue, and much more
  • Avoids customer churn through unwanted and irrelevant marketing communication, and provides the insight to employ marketing to retain customers most at risk of abandoning a brand

SUPERCRUNCH your way to lifetime customer value.

Understand your customers’ needs to maximize your shops

Maximize the potential of offline and online shops. Get clear insights on how to position your store to best address target groups. Attract new customers and differentiate yourself from competitors.

SUPERCRUNCH multiple data assets to gain an accurate picture of your customers. Discover what the sales potential is in your area. Understand what share of market you have in your catchment area. Know who your target groups are – their profiles and lifestyles.

Shop potential optimization

Use cases
  • Identify where your existing and potential customers live in order to optimize the geographical distribution of your marketing activities
  • Understand your customers’ needs to improve your store positioning in terms of layout, design, assortment and promotional activities
Benefits crunched
  • Provides a more complete view of your customers
  • Guides you through an intuitive analysis with specific recommendations
  • Insights customized for your shop and customers
  • Recommendations for tactical decision-making and action plans

Super-optimize your shops with SUPERCRUNCH.

Product launch optimization

Improve your product launch success rate with super-fast insights

Increase the success rate of new products. Understand the sales potential of different product concepts, features and prices. Leverage the world’s largest retail panel and other unique assets to optimize your new product concepts.

Continuously test, compare and monitor your new product concepts with SUPERCRUNCH. Understand the importance of individual features to overall product success. Measure success and take corrective action based on clear KPIs.

Use cases
  • Identify product features and attributes that drive preferences and success
  • Predict possible uptake based on a variety of simulated scenarios
  • Analyze the potential cannibalization of other product lines
  • Conduct competitor analyses to optimize your price and positioning
  • Define the optimal go-to-market timeline
  • Use forecasting to improve your sales and distribution planning
  • Predict and monitor early launch sales
Benefits crunched
  • Delivers results super-fast on a continuous basis through powerful and interactive visualizations
  • Uses recognized and trusted data science techniques
  • Leverages the world’s largest retail panel and other data assets
  • Findings that always reflect the most recent market changes and industry best practices

Optimize your product launch with Supercrunch.

Keep up with the business impact of your customer touchpoints

Integrate and analyze all dimensions of your touchpoint data, no matter from which source.

Streamline your marketing mix for optimum efficiency and competitiveness – outsmart, outrun and outperform your competition.

Identify the most effective levers for your budgets with continuous reports on your sales drivers and your competitive performance.

Touchpoint impact optimization

Use cases
  • Stay informed about your competition – establish and maintain superiority in all relevant areas.
  • Optimize Return on Marketing Investment. Configure your activities based on contribution to business success.
  • Keep close track of your marketing performance and achieve new timescales in data-based tactical decision making.
Benefits crunched
  • Have all of your touchpoint’s performance at one glance – including competitor benchmark and impact on consumers
  • Slice and dice your performance reports across multiple dimensions -categories, countries, channels and many others
  • Get clear recommendation for budget allocation
  • Optimize RoMI to beat the market and maximizes sales

Streamline your marketing activities with SUPERCRUNCH.

Make tactical marketing decisions with confidence

We help you make those all-important tactical marketing decisions frequently, at speed and cost-effectively. Support your marketing decisions with optimal answers to your individual questions and challenges.

We apply our broad and deep level of data expertise, advanced analytics technology, data science and marketing knowledge to develop powerful customer analytics solutions that meet your needs and budget. Highly automated, our solutions deliver consistently robust and precise answers to your business challenges.

Custom analytics solution

Benefits crunched
  • Custom analytics solutions tailored to your needs – without the “bells and whistles”
  • Blends human expertise, various data sources and automation to deliver consistently high-level insights at speed and scale
  • Adheres strictly to data safety and privacy standards
  • Provides flexibility and predictability in terms of budget and timelines
  • Delivers actionable and reliable insights
  • User-friendly and flexible interface and API

Enjoy data driven marketing tailored to your needs.

Data and analytics consulting

Get the maximum value

Get more from your data – and get it fast. Data design thinking turns sources into assets. Leverage these to continually drive and direct your marketing objectives and strategy.

Gain the support needed to turn data into answers and profit. SUPERCRUNCH combines advanced analytics, technical and business expertise to uncover the full capability of big data. Taking your data as a baseline, we’ll blend this with GfK and/or third party data to deliver business action plans that keep you ahead of the competition.

Benefits crunched
  • Leverages the full potential of your data assets against business objectives
  • Identifies data driven opportunities with the highest business potential
  • Tests if the use case will fit the feasibility of a potential solution by using agile prototyping (e.g. mock-ups, prototypes and samples)
  • Minimizes the risk of data quality issues, technical obstacles, lack of user acceptance, uncertain business outcomes, rising project costs and more…
  • Understands what information you have using data audits

Get more from your data. Supercrunch it.